Large job? No problem.

  • Constructed a new 4 mile section of highway.
  • Widened a 1.5 mile section of the Durham Freeway.
  • Moved 1.8 million yards of earth, including more than 1 million yards of rock.
  • Constructed seven bridges with MSE abutments, retaining walls and noise walls.
  • Built five new box culverts and two box culvert extensions.
  • 240,000 tons of asphalt produced on site with portable plant and placed with wide-screed paver, two lanes at a time.

Unique toll elements

  • Coordinated installation of the Open Road Tolling system and six on-site toll buildings.
  • Built 86 aesthetic columns for 54 signs and 16 toll gantries. Each column rested on 20-ft-deep drilled shaft foundations.
  • Bridges and toll structures were embellished with brickwork, engraved names and dogwood-flower details.

Safe, efficient production

  • Wide-screed paver installed two lanes of roadway at a time.
  • Temporary asphalt plant on-site produced more than 240,000 tons.
  • Approximately 435 Ҵý and nearly 600 subcontractor employees.
  • GPS-controlled grading equipment.
  • Company-owned plants provided all ready mixed concrete.